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2010 Toronto Blue Jays season

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2010 Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays logo.
Major league affiliations
2010 information
Manager(s)Cito Gaston
Local televisionRogers Sportsnet (Buck Martinez)
Local radioFAN 590 (Jerry Howarth, Alan Ashby, Mike Wilner)

The 2010 Toronto Blue Jays season is the 34th season of the Toronto Blue Jays franchise in Major League Baseball, and the 21st full season of play (22nd overall) at the Rogers Centre. The 2010 season will be noted for the start of the Alex Anthopoulos era, and the end of the Roy Halladay era.

On December 14, 2009, the Blue Jays traded Roy Halladay to the Philadelphia Phillies. It is known as one of the biggest trades in Blue Jays history. Halladay signed a three-year $60 million extension with the Phillies as a part of this deal.[1] The trade was finalized December 16.[2]

The Jays are attempting to rebound from a poor 2009 season, in which the team initially held a 27-14 record and a 3½ game lead in their division, but proceeded to lose all nine games in their May roadtrip, beginning a lengthy slump that lasted until September. The Blue Jays ended their 2009 season with a 75-87 record, resulting in a 4th place finish in their division, 28 games behind the New York Yankees.

The Jays will start the season with all-time regular season record of 2,589-2,632, 43 games below .500. The team was last above .500 on May 19, 1995, after a win at Tiger Stadium. They dropped to .500 the next day and fell below .500 on May 21 with a second straight loss to the Detroit Tigers.

  • As of February 2, 2010 there are 16 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training, and 30 days until the start of spring training.



"The Doc Deal"

One of the biggest trades in Blue Jays history was executed on December 16, 2009, when the Blue Jays traded Roy Halladay and $6 million (US dollars) to the Philadelphia Phillies for Kyle Drabek, Travis D'Arnaud, and Michael Taylor; Taylor was then traded to the Oakland Athletics for Brett Wallace. Halladay signed a contract extension with the Phillies worth $60 million for 3 years.[3] An article on the Blue Jays official website released full trade details (see the table below for the full trade).[4] The Phillies will play in Toronto on June 25, 26, and 27, the first time Halladay will return to Toronto during the MLB season. The Phillies will also play the Jays 3 times during spring training.

To TorontoTo Philadelphia
Kyle Drabek
Michael Taylor*
Travis D'Arnaud
Roy Halladay
To TorontoTo Oakland
Brett WallaceMichael Taylor

Arrivals and departures

John Buck signed December 13
Roy Halladay traded December 16
Brandon Morrow acquired December 22


UnknownDavid DellucciOutfielderTorontoReleased
October 28Sean HennPitcherBaltimoreTorontoWaivers
November 3Jarrett HoffpauirSecond BaseSt. LouisTorontoWaivers
November 9Rod BarajasCatcherTorontoFree Agent
November 9Mike McCoyShortstopColoradoTorontoWaivers
November 19John McDonaldShortstopTorontoTorontoFree Agent
November 19Michael BarrettCatcherTorontoMinor League Free Agent
November 19Bill MurphyPitcherTorontoMinor League Free Agent
November 24Bryan BullingtonPitcherTorontoKansas CityMinor League Free Agent
November 19Buck CoatsOutfeilderTorontoKansas CityMinor League Free Agent
November 26Alex GonzalezShortstopBostonTorontoFree Agent
November 30Kyle PhillipsCatcherTorontoTorontoMinor League Free Agent
December 3Marco ScutaroShortstopTorontoBostonFree Agent
December 4Joe InglettUtilityTorontoTexasWaivers
December 7Fabio CastroPitcherTorontoBostonMinor League Free Agent
December 10Zechry ZinicolaPitcherWashingtonTorontoRule 5 Draft
December 13Raul ChavezCatcherTorontoTorontoNon-Tender Free Agent
December 13John BuckCatcherKansas CityTorontoNon-Tender Free Agent
December 13Joey GathrightCenter FieldBostonTorontoFree Agent
December 16Lance BroadwayPitcherNY MetsTorontoMinor League Free Agent
December 16Roy HalladayPitcherTorontoPhiladelphiaTrade
December 16Kyle DrabekPitcherPhiladelphiaTorontoTrade
December 16Travis D'ArnaudCatcherPhiladelphiaTorontoTrade
December 16Brett WallaceFirst BaseOaklandTorontoTrade
December 22Brandon MorrowPitcherSeattleTorontoTrade
December 22Brandon LeaguePitcherTorontoSeattleTrade
January 7Brian BocockShortstopSan FranciscoTorontoWaivers
January 9Zach JacksonPitcherClevelandTorontoTrade
January 13William CollazoPitcherFloridaTorontoMinor League Free Agent
January 13Jorge PadillaOutfielderWashingtonTorontoMinor League Free Agent
January 13Jesus MerchanUtilityClevelandTorontoMinor League Free Agent
January 13Chris LubanskiOutfielderKansas CityTorontoMinor League Free Agent
January 19Jeremy ReedOutfielderNY MetsTorontoMinor League Free Agent
January 19Steven RegisterPitcherPhiladelphiaTorontoMinor League Free Agent
January 20Merkin ValdezPitcherSan FranciscoTorontoTrade
January 22Shawn HillPitcherSan DiegoTorontoMinor League Free Agent
February 1Kevin MillarFirst BaseTorontoChicago CubsFree Agent

Free agency

Álex González signed November 26, and will take over for Marco Scutaro.
Marco Scutaro was lost to divisional opponent Boston Red Sox.

The Blue Jays have had quiet offseasons in the past few years, and if a big name is involved, it is often leaving Toronto. The Blue Jays had 5 potential Major League free agents, and all 5 were not re-signed before the free agency period started (Rod Barajas, Kevin Millar, Marco Scutaro, and John McDonald, Michael Barrett). Barret was designated for assignment, so he became a Minor League free agent. Numerous others became minor league free agents such as prospect pitcher Fabio Castro, pitcher Bill Murphy, catcher Kyle Phillips, former first-overall pick Bryan Bullington, and speedy center fielder Buck Coats. Two of them were lost to the Royals (Coats and Bullington). John McDonald was the first and to this moment, only Blue Jay to be re-signed, accepting a 2 yr./$3 million deal. On December 3, Marco Scutaro signed a deal with the Boston Red Sox. This gave the Blue Jays Boston's 1st round pick (29th overall) in the 2010 draft, and another compensation pick. On December 8, Rod Barajas turned down salary arbitration, rewarding the Jays with their 3rd compensation pick for the 2010 Draft. To this moment the Blue Jays signed their first free agent (Álex González) who is a shortstop on November 26, and was signed for "his great glove" said by Alex Anthopoulos in an interview with the MLB Network on December 8. He signed a one year deal for $2.75 million. The Blue Jays also lost Raul Chavez as a Non-Tender free agent, but quickly re-signed him to a minor league deal. The Jays signed C John Buck to a 1 year/$2 million deal the same day, making a return for Rod Barajas highly unlikely. Former first rounder Russ Adams signed with the Mets, but he was traded in late 2009, and released by the Padres shortly after, so it does not count as a free agent loss to the Blue Jays. On January 13, 2010, the Blue Jays signed 4 minor leaguers, including former 5th overall pick Chris Lubanski. among the other 3 were pitcher William Collazo, and batters Jorge Padilla, and Jesus Merchan.[6] On January 19, Jeremy Reed and Steven Register signed minor-league deals with the Blue Jays.[7] On January 22 the Blue Jays signed another minor league free agent, signing Canadian pitcher and former Expo Shawn Hill.[8]


Joe Inglett (left) was lost to the Texas Rangers via waivers.

The Blue Jays have quietly made some moves with potential on the waiverwire. Alex Anthopolous made his first transaction ever when he picked up reliver Sean Henn from the Orioles in late October 2009. He acquired Jarrett Hoffpauir on November 3. Once free agency started to kick in he claimed shortstop Mike McCoy from Colorado, and never made a transaction for the rest of 2009. Anthopolous made his first Waiver claim of 2010 on January 7, when he claimed Brian Bocock from the San Francisco Giants. On December 4, the Blue Jays lost utility player Joe Inglett to the Texas Rangers via waivers. He is the only Blue Jay lost to waivers.

Salary arbitration

On January 15, 6 Blue Jays filed for salary arbitration. All 6 Blue Jays filing for arbitration are pitchers, 5 of them are regulars in the bullpen. Jeremy Accardo, Shawn Camp, Jason Frasor, Casey Janssen, and Brian Tallet were among bullpen pitchers who filed for arbitration. The only Starter who filed for arbitration was Shawn Marcum,[9] but he was quickly re-signed to a 1 year/$850K deal.[10] A day later, all 5 bullpen pitchers were re-signed to 1 year deals.


The Doc Deal was pulled off December 14, 2009.
With three games left during the 2009 season, articles about Cito Gaston in the Toronto media suggested that some players had turned against him. Gaston responded to the accusations by saying "I've treated everybody with respect, so I am not sure what their bitch is."[11] There was also a report that Gaston's managerial techniques caused Scott Rolen to request a trade out of Toronto. Vernon Wells stated that "Obviously, there are issues". On the same topic, Wells was asked if he could play for the Jays next season, and he replied with "I cannot answer that at this point in time".[12] One day later, Blue Jays GM J. P. Ricciardi was fired.
Alex Ríos only spent a year and a half of his 7 year $69 million deal in Toronto.
JP had received much criticism for signing bulky, no-trade-clause contracts to underachievers such as Vernon Wells, Frank Thomas, Alex Rios, and BJ Ryan, with three of the four being released. Another JP problem was drafts and scouting. JP had drafted more than 200 players during his tenure, and had only six in the bigs at the time of his firing. One of his biggest failures was drafting Russ Adams 14th overall in the 2002 entry draft,[13] passing by All-Stars pitchers such as Scott Kazmir, Cole Hamels, and Matt Cain, also missing out on hitters like Nick Swisher. Other drafts, such as the one in 2005,[14] he narrowly missed out on a franchise player, like Ryan Braun and one pick later, got Ricky Romero, which took more time to develop. Some others criticized him for not drafting 30-home run slugger Troy Tulowitzki. JP made one of his biggest mistakes publicizing a trade for the face of the Blue Jays, Roy Halladay. on an interview on the FAN 590, JP was asked if he was interested in trading Halladay, and he replied by saying "We would not be doing our job if we did not entertain offers from other teams" JP went on by making numerous trade offers to the Phillies for top pitching prospects, primarily Kyle Drabek, or J. A. Happ.[15] The Phillies stuck with reigning Cy Young winner Cliff Lee instead, closing any door on Halladay being traded. The Jays had just lost three of four in a crucial series in New York when the rumours started, and the Jays went downhill since, affected by the trade talks the Jays went from about seven back to about 13 back, and the Rays surpassed the Jays for good during the slide. On October 30, Cito Gaston announced that he will retire after the 2010 season, but he signed a four-year consulting deal with the Jays for post-retirement. The Jays had two other members of the coaching staff leave; Brad Arnsberg left to be the Pitching Coach of the Houston Astros, and hitting coach Gene Tenace also announced that he will retire, only he will not be present for the 2010 season. These moves resulted in former bullpen coach, Bruce Walton becoming the pitching coach, and the former 1st base coach Dwayne Murphy took over at hitting coach. The two new coaches are Rick Langford, who took the helm as Bullpen Coach, and Omar Malave became the new first base coach. Brian Butterfield moved from first to third giving Malave room at first, and bumping Nick Leyva up to be the bench coach.


Trade rumours

Roy Halladay was traded to the Phillies on December 14 as a part of a 3-team trade.

Though trade speculation during the season centered on starting pitcher and staff ace Roy Halladay, trade rumours also cropped up over the potential of acquiring Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Chris Snyder in a trade for first baseman Lyle Overbay. Snyder, plagued by injuries throughout the 2009 season, managed only 6 home runs, 22 RBI and a .200 batting average, and was replaced by backup catcher Miguel Montero in June.[16] The trade has not come to fruition.

Halladay rumours

New general manager Alex Anthopoulos discussed the possibility of trading Roy Halladay,[17] though he did not release much trade offers/details to the media[18] like JP Ricciardi did, putting him in hot water with Jays' fans. On November 20, The first rumours of the offseason popped up, as there was speculation that the Jays would trade Halladay to the North Side of Chicago for prospect short-stop Starlin Castro. The trade is stated as unlikely because the Cubs cannot field Halladay`s $15.75 million contract, and are not willing to part ways with Castro.[19] A day later a source claimed that the Dodgers, and the Yankees are seriously interested in Halladay's services. The Red Sox and Phillies are noted as having strong interest too. Paul Beeston said he would like to keep Halladay, and re-sign him, but Doc has stated he wants to test the free agent market in 2010/2011.[20] With the announcement from Beeston stating this will be Doc's last year if he doesn't get traded in the offseason, Trade rumors in the MLB have reportedly increased since the announcement.[21] The Angels have reportedly taken interest in Halladay. The Blue Jays declined trades in July with the Angels because they were not interested in Trading away Shortstop Erick Aybar. Some other names thrown around in this rumour were Jared Weaver, Joe Saunders, Ervin Santana, and prospect Peter Bourjos. The trade was called off in July because Ricciardi wanted One of the three Angels pitchers with Aybar and Bourjos, but the Angels have displayed interest due to the loss of free agent ace John Lackey.[22]

Brett Wallace was the key batter in the Doc Deal.

A day after these rumours surfaced, the Boston Red Sox reportedly pitched a strong offer to the Blue Jays. The package includes young pitchers such as Clay Buchholz, and Red Sox #1 prospect Casey Kelly (Who can also hit and play shortstop). The report also claimed that the Red Sox want the deal done before the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis from December 7–10.[23] A new report on Sportsnet Connected stated that Halladay would waive his no trade clause to join the defending World Champion Yankees.[24] The report also stated he has no interest in the Texas Rangers or the Minnesota Twins.[25] The biggest twist in the Halladay rumours came on December 1, when Doc stated he will block in season trades. Halladay reportedly wants to be traded by spring training 2010 or he will stay with the Jays for all of 2010, and will become a free agent at the end of the 2010 season.[26] Halladay will report to spring training on February 18, so that is the likely deadline to deal the face of the franchise. Another report surfaced, naming a third AL East team that would like to be in the fold, the Tampa Bay Rays. The offer will most likely not come to fruition; since the Rays could not take Halladay's $15.75 million deal. This rumour had an interesting twist though, as it was rumoured to be a 3 team trade, giving the Jays prospect Wade Davis and BJ Upton, and then an un-named third team would claim Upton from the Jays for another prospect.[27] After The Yankees pulled off a blockbuster acquiring Curtis Granderson from the Tigers, a report indicated they still have interest in Doc.[28] Halladay was traded to Philadelphia after the 5½ month tabacle on December 14. "The Doc Deal" is pending a physical, as are all MLB trades/free agent signings. Halladay will reportedly sign a contract extension as a part of this trade. The trade has not named any official names going to the Jays. The Blue Jays were rumoured to receive J.A. Happ, Joe Blanton and outfielder Dominic Brown as a part of this deal, SI.com reports.[29] foxsports.com reported that the Blue Jays may receive (OF) Michael Taylor from Philadelphia and/or P Phillipe Aumont from Seattle.[30] A segment on TSN Sportscentre stated that the Blue Jays would get RHP Phillippe Aumont from Seattle and C Travis D'Arnaud from Philadelphia. The morning edition of Sportscentre had a different package of players coming to Toronto. The Blue Jays would receive J.A. Happ or Kyle Drabek. Happ and Drabek are the top 2 pitching prospects in the Phillies organization, with Drabek being #1. The report stated that Kyle Drabek is more likely to come to Toronto. It also rumoured that the Jays would receive Travis D'Arnaud and Outfielder Michael Taylor, who some insiders have called the best batter in the minor leagues. If D'Arnaud does join the Blue Jays it would form a wicked tandem behind the plate when he and J.P. Arencibia are fully developed into major leaguers.[31] An article on sportsnet.ca stated that Roy Halladay is very close to signing a contract extension with the Phillies. It is rumoured to be a 3 yr./$60 million deal.[32] A big twist came in the Doc Deal on December 15, when it was rumored to be a 4-team trade, and names were released. The report said that the Blue Jays would receive Kyle Drabek, Travis D'Arnaud and Michael Taylor, and then the Jays would swap Taylor to the Oakland Athletics for 3B prospect Brett Wallace. The Mariners will only get Cliff Lee, and give away two Canadian prospects to the Phillies. The two being pitcher Phillipe Aumont and speedy CF prospect Tyson Gillies.[33] The final trade proposal came in on December 15. The deal was finalized December 16, 2009.

Free Agent rumours

The Blue Jays are having a quiet front on the free agent market, but the first rumor was that Joey Gathright signed with the Jays. The report from the Toronto Sun was false, but Gathright did sign with the Jays later that weekend. Rumors also came along when Ramon Castro reportedly signed, but the signing has not come to fruition. Thier biggest rumor came on New Years Day 2010 when Alex Anthopolous reportedly cited interest in top prospect free agent Aroldis Chapman. A private workout was held for Chapman in Florida.[34] Alex Anthopolous took a giant step forward, as he took the "Chapman sweepstakes" to the next level offering the Cuban lefty a reported $23 million deal, the highest at the time.[35] Shortly after chapman signed with the Cincinatti Reds. He is set to make $30.25 million over the next six years. Chapman was also given a $16.25 million signing bonus.[36] On January 20, 2010 a false report indicated that the Blue Jays signed former slugger, and fan favorite Carlos Delgado, but GM Alex Athopolous later idicated the report was false.[37] Anthopolus admitted that "we have have gone to see him play", but an earlier report suggested that the Jays would not take a run at Delgado.[38] But the saga continued, as the Jays stated that they were interested in Delgado AND former Yankee Johnny Damon.[39] Damon is reportedly open to a deal with the Jays[40]


After the death of Blue Jays owner Ted Rogers following the 2008 season, speculation has also surrounded a potential change in team ownership. Home attendance reached its lowest ebb since the 2003 season, and the Jays' management pursued attempts to shed payroll, including the releases of B.J. Ryan and Alex Rios and the trade of Scott Rolen to the Cincinnati Reds. These moves spurred fans to speculate that Rogers Communications was attempting to make the franchise more attractive to potential buyers, and that the Jays might leave Toronto as part of such a sale.[41] On October 21, 2009 during an interview with the Fan 590 radio station, Tony Viner, the president and CEO of the company's media division that also controls the Blue Jays, stated emphatically that, "the team is not for sale. We are committed to winning and to doing the things that it takes to win." [42]



  • September 15 Blue Jays and the rest of the MLB release the 2010 schedule; see "Game Log" for full schedule[43]
  • October 3 JP Ricciardi is released as GM of the Toronto Blue Jays. After eight years on the job, JP made mistakes of over-paying such players that underachieved with big contracts with a no-trade clause such as Vernon Wells, Frank Thomas, Alex Rios, and BJ Ryan. On the date of the firing, 3 of the 4 had been released, and in an interview with Wells the day before the firing when the topic of "Mortality in the Jays clubhouse" came up, due to players reportedly being upset with Cito Gaston, Wells was asked if he could play for the Jays next year and Wells replied with "I can't answer that at this point in time". Another falter from JP was his poor selection of draft choices. At the time of his firing, only 6 of his 240 draft picks were on the 40-man roster (Hill, Purcey, Lind, Janssen, Snider and Romero). Reportedly, JP told Fox Insider Ken Rosenthal about a feud between Manager Cito Gaston and his players. Ken released the information to the public. The moment President Paul Beeston got a hold of the full story, he immediately fired Ricciardi, and replaced him with Assistant General Manager Alex Anthopoulos.[44]
  • October 9 The Blue Jays make their first offseason moves in the front office, changing up their scouting officials. Andrew Tinnish has been named Director Amateur Scouting, Perry Minasian was named Director of Professional Scouting, and Jon Lalonde has been named their Professional Scout. These moves resulted in Rob Ducey being relieved of his duties.[45]
  • October 9 Alex Anthopoulos makes changes to the Jays Player Development Department as Tony LaCava and Charlie Wilson are named Directors. Doug Davis was named Minor League Field Coordinator, Resulting in Mike Basso being relieved of his duties; Dick Scott was also let go.[46]
  • October 13 GM Alex Anthopoulos hires former scouting director of the Washington Nationals Dana Brown as a special assistant. Alex and Dana were together in 2002, with the Montreal Expos.[47]
Cito Gaston will manage his 9th and final season for the Jays.
  • October 26 Blue Jays name Mel Didier and Mel Queen as Senior Advisors to the player development staff.[48]
  • October 27 Blue Jays sign Paul Beeston as their President and CEO for 3 years.[49]
  • October 30 Cito Gaston announces that this will be his final season managing an MLB team, but he signed a 4 year consulting deal for after his retirement. The Jays had 2 other members of the coaching staff leave; Brad Arnsberg left to be the Pitching Coach of the Houston Astros, and hitting coach Gene Tenace announced that he will retire from baseball. These moves resulted in former bullpen coach, Bruce Walton becoming the pitching coach, and the former 1st base coach Dwayne Murphy took over at hitting coach. The 2 new guys are Rick Langford, who took the helm as Bullpen Coach, and Omar Malave became the new first base coach. Brian Butterfield, the former bench coach, will trade places with Nick Leyva to become the third base coach.[52]
  • November 3 Blue Jays also announce that 3B Edwin Encarnacion underwent surgery on October 30 for a damaged left wrist, the same procedure CF Vernon Wells is scheduled to undergo a week from now. This is the same wrist Wells damaged in early 2008 while making a sensational diving catch in Cleveland. Wells underwent successful surgery on November 13.[54]
Marco Scutaro signed a deal with the Red Sox, giving the Jays Boston's first round pick and another compensation pick.
  • November 12 Alex Anthopoulos adds even more scouts, naming Gary Rajsich a professional cross-checker, Brandon Mozley as a regional cross-checker, Brian Parker as the professional scout and Dan Cox as an area scout.
  • November 19 Blue Jays add Reidier Gonzalez to the 40-man roster, preventing him from being elgible for the Rule 5 Draft on December 10.[59]
  • December 1 Blue Jays offer salary arbitration to Marco Scutaro and Rod Barajas. If the 1 year deals are declined (which came to fruition), the Blue Jays will receive 3 compensation picks for the 2010 Draft (2 for Scutaro, 1 for Barajas).[63]
  • December 7 Red Sox pick up minor league free agent Fabio Castro from the Blue Jays.[66]
  • December 8 Rod Barajas declines salary arbitration, giving the Jays another compensation pick.[67]
Roy Halladay was traded on December 14 to the Philadelphia Phillies after several months of speculation.
  • December 13 Blue Jays lose Catcher Raul Chavez as a Non-Tender Free Agent. The Blue Jays must now pick up 2 free agent catchers to fill the void behind the plate.[70]
  • December 13 Blue Jays make some moves at catcher, signing John Buck to a 1 yr./$2 million deal with the Jays.[71] The Blue Jays also kept Raul Chavez on the free agent wire for a short time, as they re-signed Raul Chavez to a minor league deal. The Jays also netted Speedy center-fielder Joey Gathright as anticipated. They also avoided salary arbitration, as they re-signed Jose Bautista to a 1 yr./$2.4 million deal. They also struck a deal with Dustin McGowan for 1 yr./$500K[72]
  • December 22 Alex Anthopoulos pulls off his second trade which involves Relief Pitcher Brandon League and a prospect going to Seattle in exchange for Brandon Morrow.[74]


  • January 2 Alex Anthopoulos gets married, and starts his honeymoon in Hawaii. Anthoupolus did say "I've already warned my fiancee that if things come up, I'm certainly going to be available and continue to work, I don't expect ever to really have a shut-down period."[75]
  • January 9 Pitcher Zach Jackson gets traded from Cleveland back to Toronto for a player to be named.[77]
  • January 18 Shawn Marcum signs a 1 year/$850K deal to avoid salary arbitration.
  • January 20 Blue Jays acquire relief pitcher Merkin Valdez from San Francisco for cash considerations.[79]
  • January 22 Shawn Hill signs a minor league deal with the Jays.

Records vs opponents

RecordGames Left
AL East
Red Sox0-00-00-09918
AL Central
White Sox0-00-00-0448
AL West
National League
Grand Totals0-00-00-08181162
Kansas City0–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–0
Los Angeles0–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–0
New York0–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–0
Tampa Bay0–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–00–0

2010 Draft picks

Source [80]

The 2010 MLB Draft will start on June 7, and will go through June 8 and end on June 9. The Blue Jays will have 2 first round picks, along with 3 compensation picks. The Blue Jays will also have 2 picks in the 2nd and 3rd round.

  • * The Blue Jays will receive the 34th pick as a Compensation for loss of free agent Marco Scutaro
  • * The Blue Jays will receive the 38th pick as a Compensation for failure to sign James Paxton
  • * The Blue Jays will receive the 41st pick as a Compensation for loss of free agent Rod Barajas
  • * The Blue Jays will receive the 69th pick as a Compensation for failure to sign Jake Eliopoulus
  • * The Blue Jays will receive the 81st pick as a Compensation pick from the Boston Red Sox for signing type A free agent Marco Scutaro
  • * The Blue Jays will receive the 114th pick as a Compensation for failure to sign Jake Barrett


Toronto Blue Jays 2010 Spring Training roster
40-man rosterSpring Training
non-roster invitees



Designated hitters







60-day disabled list

  • None

* Not on active roster
† 15-day disabled list
Roster updated January 25, 2010
TransactionsDepth Chart
More rosters

Top prospects

Travis Snider is the Blue Jays top Prospect.
J.P. Arencibia hit over 20 home runs with Las Vegas in 2009.
Kevin Ahrens was the Blue Jays' first pick in 2007.
Brett Cecil is the Blue Jays top pitching prospect. He finished with a 7-4 record in 2009.
#PlayerPositionTop 100 Rank2010 Starting Team (Level)
Travis Snider
Right Fielder
Brett Wallace
Third Baseman
J. P. Arencibia
Brett Cecil
Zach Stewart
Chad Jenkins
David Cooper
First Baseman
Henderson Alvarez
Jake Marisnick
Josh Roenicke
Brad Mills
Justin Jackson
Carlos Perez
Kevin Ahrens
Third Baseman
Brad Mills
Ricky Romero
Marc Rzepczynski
Brad Emaus
Kyle Drabek
Travis D'Arnaud

According to Baseball America Top 100 Prospects[81] and top 10 Blue Jays prospects[82]. Baseball America released the top 10 Blue Jays prospects in December 2009, and re-did their list days after releasing the first list. It was released before the Doc Deal, so Brett Wallace was not on their list, but he ranks #40 in the top 100 prospects list. Kyle Drabek and Travis D'Arnaud were #5 and #7 on the Phillies top 10 prospects list. Another one released after The Doc Deal still did not involve the 3 prospects. This list is a combination of all 3 lists released by Baseball America. They also gave a projected lineup for 2013. Only 6 players on the roster in 2009 were projected to stay in 2013. The Pitching rotation was surrounded by former ace Roy Halladay, with the other 4 being Zach Stewart, Chad Jenkins, Henderson Alvarez, and Ricky Romero. Kyle Drabek could be involved in this rotation. The projected catcher was J.P. Arencibia, first base David Cooper, second base Aaron Hill, third base Kevin Ahrens (or it may be Brett Wallace, acquired in the Doc Deal), shorstop Justin Jackson, and Travis Snider, Vernon Wells, and Jake Marisnick in the outfield. The projected DH was Adam Lind. The closer was projected to be Josh Roenicke. No other bullpen pitchers were named in the list.


Rogers Sportnset will broadcast Blue Jays games on TV.

The Blue Jays will once again have Rogers Sportsnet as their official TV station, but with changes to their commentary. Former manager Buck Martinez will join the booth, and former play-by-play voice Jamie Campbell will be assigned a new role with the station. The FAN 590 will be the Jays flagship radio station with Jerry Howarth and Alan Ashby calling the game, and Mike Wilner will be the 3rd man in the booth at times, and the post game host. If the Toronto Raptors make the NBA Playoffs (April 2010-June 2010), Raptors games would most likely have top priority over Blue Jays games that they are interfering with, so Jays broadcasts may be used on another local station like 820 CHAM or 1150 CKOC. No word yet on TSN or TSN2 covering Jays games yet, though it is likely. Also no word on CBC Sports rejoining the fold in Blue Jays broadcasts, as 2009 was the first time in a while that CBC Sports did not cover any Jays games.

Ticket Pricing

Seating Chart

No word has been relased on an increase/decrease in ticket prices for 2010. Prices were raised for every section in 2009, but not for every type of game. All section's prices were raised for Value and Super Premium, but not all were raised for Regular and Premium. One confirmed change appears on the seating chart, where "Field Level Baselines" (The last 3 sections along the foul-lines) has been removed, as it was for the 2009 World Baseball Classic. It Joins the "Field Level Bases" category, which extends to a section located just above first base. Field Level Baselines, a section usually filled with loud Jays' fans had an average price at $35, and "Field Level Bases" had an average price of $66, double Field Level Baselines. If a price raise in General, especially in the 500 Level, strikes again, attendance may fall for a second straight season.



Dustin McGowan is among the pitchers hit with Tommy John surgery. He is expected to be back in May.

The Blue Jays suffered their first injury seconds into 2010, when a freak accident occurred. Third Baseman Edwin Encarnacion was celebrating New Years at his hometown in Dominican Republic when a fireworks malfuncion caused fireworks to go out of control. Encarnacion suffered minor facial injuries to the front and right side of his face after he was struck by a firecracker rocket near his jaw and it exploded. No serious damage was done, and Encarnacion will be 100% by Spring training. He suffered first and second-degree burns.[83] The Jays still have other injury issues with their pitching staff. Thier 3-4-5 pitchers in 2008 all underwent Tommy John surgery, and are all expected to be back for 2010. Jesse Litsch underwent Tommy John surgery in July 2009, and a return by March/April is extremely unlikely, but a June return is. Shawn Marcum also underwent Tommy John surgery after he went down late in 2008, and a September 2009 return was possible, but the Jays decided to sideline him for the rest of 2009 so Marcum could be 100% for Spring Training 2010. Dustin McGowan was the third Jay to have the same surgery, and he is not expected to be back in time for the start of 2010, but it is a possibility. A May return is a more realistic time period for McGowan to return.[84] On January 29 McGowan took a step forward as he threw off a mound, with no pain.[85]


As expected the Blue Jays are entering 2010 as rebuilders, due to the loss of big bats (Barajas and Scutaro) to free agency, and the blockbuster trade of their ace Roy Halladay for non-MLB ready prospects. Most fans and writers have called 2010 a rebuilding year, but a bright future is projected by Blue Jay writers and reporters.[86] But it was a different story at "State of the franchise", a press confrence held at the Rogers Centre on January 28,2010. Paul Beeston said "we're not in a rebuild mode. We're in build mode". Alex Anthopolous then discussed his intrest in Free Agents Carlos Delgado, and Johnny Damon. Cito Gaston said he wants Carlos Delgado back. Paul Beeston in a later interview said that winning will bring fans into the crowd, and that is thier goal.[87]


Roberto Alomar's name as displayed in the Level of Excellence.

In the offseaon, former Second baseman great Roberto Alomar finished 8 votes shy of becoming a first ballot Hall of Famer. Alomar announced earlier that if he did get inducted into Cooperstown, he would like to be inducted as a Blue Jay, becoming the first ever. Former Montreal Expo great Andre Dawson was inducted into the Hall, and he was inducted as a Montreal Expo; the second Expo to be inducted into Cooperstown behind Gary Carter.Alomar however, made the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame on January 28th,along with former Blue Jay Paul Quantrill and 2 Others (Calvin Griffith and Allan Roth who is a statistician). Alomar said "It means a world to me"[88]

Spring Training (March and April)









Spring Training

Grapefruit LeagueWLPct.GB
Atlanta Braves
Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox
Detroit Tigers
Florida Marlins
Houston Astros
Minnesota Twins
New York Mets
New York Yankees
Philadelphia Phillies
Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Louis Cardinals
Tampa Bay Rays
Toronto Blue Jays
Washington Nationals

As of March 2, 2010

Regular Season

AL East
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AL East
Baltimore Orioles000–00–0
Boston Red Sox000–00–0
New York Yankees000–00–0
Tampa Bay Rays000–00–0
Toronto Blue Jays000–00–0

Game log

Spring Training

The 2010 Toronto Blue Jays spring training schedule was released on November 16, 2009. It features 30 games, 28 in Florida, and 2 in Houston's Minute Maid Park. 14 games will be held at the Blue Jays home spring training facility (Dunedin Stadium) and they will be away for 14 games in Florida, 16 in total.

Blue Jays WinBlue Jays LossTie GameHome GameRoad Game
2010 Spring Training
#DateOpponentTimeBlue Jays ProbableOpponent ProbableStadium
1March 3Tigers1:05Dunedin Stadium
2March 4@ Tigers1:05Joker Marchant Stadium
3March 5Phillies1:05Dunedin Stadium
4March 6@ Yankees1:05Legends Field
5March 7Tigers1:05Dunedin Stadium
6March 8@ Astros1:05Osceola County Stadium
7March 10Phillies1:05Dunedin Stadium
8March 11@ Rays *1:05Charlotte Sports Park
9March 12Astros1:05Dunedin Stadium
10March 13@ Braves1:05Champion Stadium
11March 14Braves *1:05Dunedin Stadium
12March 15@ Tigers1:05Joker Marchant Stadium
13March 17@ Orioles1:05Ed Smith Stadium
14March 18Orioles1:05Dunedin Stadium
15March 19@ Astros1:05Osceola County Stadium
16March 20Braves1:05Dunedin Stadium
17March 21Red Sox1:05Dunedin Stadium
18March 22Tigers1:05Dunedin Stadium
19March 24@ Rays1:05Charlotte Sports Park
20March 25@ Tigers *7:05Joker Marchant Stadium
21March 26Rays *1:05Dunedin Stadium
22March 26Red Sox *1:05Dunedin Stadium
23March 27@ Pirates1:05McKechnie Field
24March 28Orioles1:05Dunedin Stadium
25March 29Tigers1:05Dunedin Stadium
26March 30@ Yankees *1:05Legends Field
27March 31@ Phillies1:05Bright House Field
* indicates Split Squad game.
#DateOpponentTimeBlue Jays ProbableOpponent ProbableStadium
28April 1Yankees1:05Dunedin Stadium
29April 2@ Astros8:05Minute Maid Park
30April 3@ Astros2:05Minute Maid Park

Regular Season

The 2010 MLB and Toronto Blue Jays schedule was announced on September 15, 2009. It includes 162 games as usual, 81 of which are at home, and 81 on the road. The Jays open and close on the road, starting off in Arlington to face the Rangers, and will close it out with a four-game set in the brand new Target Field against the Twins. The Jays Home Opener will be against the Chicago White Sox on Easter Monday at 7:20 pm (past home openers have started at 7:15 pm), and their final home game of 2010 will be against the New York Yankees.

Blue Jays WinBlue Jays LossHome GameRoad GameGame Postponed
2010 Toronto Blue Jays Game Log
#DateOpponentTimeBlue Jays ProbableOpponent ProbableTV
1April 5@ Rangers2:05
2April 7@ Rangers8:05
3April 8@ Rangers2:05
4April 9@ Orioles3:05
5April 10@ Orioles7:05
6April 11@ Orioles1:35
7April 12White Sox7:20
8April 13White Sox7:07
9April 14White Sox7:07
10April 15White Sox7:07
11April 16Angels7:07
12April 17Angels1:07
13April 18Angels1:07
13April 19Royals7:07
14April 20Royals7:07
15April 21Royals12:37
16April 23@ Rays7:10
17April 24@ Rays6:10
18April 25@ Rays1:40
19April 26Red Sox7:07
20April 27Red Sox7:07
21April 28Red Sox7:07
22April 29Athletics7:07
23April 30Athletics7:07
#DateOpponentTimeBlue Jays ProbableOpponent ProbableTV
24May 1Athletics1:07
25May 2Athletics1:07
26May 3@ IndiansTBD
27May 4@ IndiansTBD
28May 5@ IndiansTBD
29May 6@ White SoxTBD
30May 7@ White SoxTBD
31May 8@ White SoxTBD
32May 9@ White SoxTBD
33May 10@ Red Sox7:10
34May 11@ Red Sox7:10
35May 12@ Red Sox1:35
36May 14Rangers7:07
37May 15Rangers1:07
38May 16Rangers1:07
40May 17Twins7:07
41May 18Twins12:37
42May 19@ Mariners10:10
43May 20@ Mariners3:40
44May 21@ D-backs9:40
45May 22@ D-backs8:10
46May 23@ D-backs4:10
47May 24@ Angels10:05
48May 25@ Angels10:05
49May 26@ Angels3:35
50May 28Orioles7:07
51May 29Orioles1:07
52May 30Orioles1:07
53May 31Rays7:07
#DateOpponentTimeBlue Jays ProbableOpponent ProbableTV
54June 1Rays7:07
55June 2Rays7:07
56June 4Yankees7:07
57June 5Yankees1:07
58June 6Yankees1:07
59June 8@ Rays7:10
60June 9@ Rays7:10
61June 10@ Rays7:10
62June 11@ Rockies9:10
63June 12@ Rockies8:10
64June 13@ Rockies3:10
65June 14@ Padres10:05
66June 15@ Padres10:05
67June 16@ Padres6:35
68June 18Giants7:07
69June 19Giants1:07
70June 20Giants1:07
71June 22Cardinals7:07
72June 23Cardinals7:07
73June 24Cardinals7:07
74June 25Phillies7:07
75June 26Phillies1:07
76June 27Phillies1:07
77June 28@ IndiansTBD
78June 29@ IndiansTBD
79June 30@ IndiansTBD
#DateOpponentTimeBlue Jays ProbableOpponent ProbableTV
80July 1@ IndiansTBD
81July 2@ Yankees1:05
82July 3@ YankeesTBD
83July 4@ YankeesTBD
84July 6Twins7:07
85July 7Twins7:07
86July 8Twins7:07
87July 9Red Sox7:07
88July 10Red Sox1:07
89July 11Red Sox1:07
July 13: 81st MLB All-Star Game in Anaheim, California at Angel Stadium
90July 16@ Orioles7:05
91July 17@ Orioles7:05
92July 18@ Orioles1:35
93July 19@ RoyalsTBD
94July 20@ RoyalsTBD
95July 21@ RoyalsTBD
96July 22@ Tigers1:05
97July 23@ Tigers7:05
98July 24@ Tigers7:05
99July 25@ Tigers1:05
100July 26Orioles7:07
101July 27Orioles7:07
102July 28Orioles7:07
103July 30Indians7:07
104July 31Indians1:07
#DateOpponentTimeBlue Jays ProbableOpponent ProbableTV
105August 1Indians1:07
106August 2@ YankeesTBD
107August 3@ YankeesTBD
108August 4@ YankeesTBD
109August 6Rays7:07
110August 7Rays1:07
111August 8Rays1:07
112August 10Red Sox7:07
113August 11Red Sox7:07
114August 12Red Sox12:37
115August 13@ Angels10:05
116August 14@ Angels9:05
117August 15@ Angels3:35
118August 16@ Athletics10:05
119August 17@ Athletics10:05
120August 18@ Athletics3:35
121August 20@ Red Sox7:10
122August 21@ Red SoxTBD
123August 22@ Red SoxTBD
124August 23Yankees7:07
125August 24Yankees7:07
126August 25Yankees7:07
127August 26Tigers7:07
128August 27Tigers7:07
129August 28Tigers1:07
130August 29Tigers1:07
131August 30@ Rays7:10
132August 31@ Rays7:10
#DateOpponentTimeBlue Jays ProbableOpponent ProbableTV
133September 1@ Rays7:10
134September 3@ YankeesTBD
135September 4@ YankeesTBD
136September 5@ YankeesTBD
137September 6Rangers1:07
138September 7Rangers7:07
139September 8Rangers7:07
140September 9Rangers7:07
141September 10Rays7:07
142September 11Rays1:07
143September 12Rays1:07
144September 13@ Orioles7:05
145September 14@ Orioles7:05
146September 15@ Orioles7:05
147September 17@ Red Sox7:10
148September 18@ Red SoxTBD
149September 19@ Red SoxTBD
150September 21Mariners7:07
151September 22Mariners7:07
152September 23Mariners12:37
153September 24Orioles7:07
154September 25Orioles1:07
155September 26Orioles1:07
156September 27Yankees7:07
157September 28Yankees7:07
158September 29Yankees7:07
159September 30@ Twins8:10
#DateOpponentTimeBlue Jays ProbableOpponent ProbableTV
160October 1@ Twins8:10
161October 2@ Twins1:10
162October 3@ Twins2:10

Minor Leagues

LeagueTeamRecordPlaceManagerTop BatterTop Pitcher
AAALas Vegas 51sDan RohnN/AN/A
AANew Hampshire Fisher CatsLuis RiveraN/AN/A
Advanced ADunedin Blue JaysClayton McCulloughN/AN/A
ALansing LugnutsSal FasanoN/AN/A
Short-Season AAuburn DoubledaysDennis HolmbergN/AN/A
RookieGulf Coast League Blue JaysJohn SchneiderN/AN/A

Player Stats


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Bench Hitters



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Season Records

Honours and Awards

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