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List of astronauts by name


This is an alphabetical list of astronauts, people trained by a manned spaceflight program to command, fly as a pilot, or serve as a crew member of a manned spacecraft. More than 540 people have been trained as astronauts. Until 2004, astronauts were sponsored and trained exclusively by governments, either by military agencies or by civilian space agencies. However, with the first sub-orbital flight of the privately-funded SpaceShipOne, a new category of astronaut was created – the commercial astronaut.

While the term astronaut is sometimes applied to anyone who travels into space, including scientists, politicians, journalists, and tourists, this article only lists professional astronauts. A list of everyone who has flown in space can be found at List of space travelers by name.

Names in italic are astronauts who have left Low Earth orbit, names in bold are astronauts who have walked on the moon. The flags indicate the astronaut's primary citizenship during his or her time as an astronaut. The symbol Symbol venus.svg identifies female astronauts.

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  1. United States Joseph M. AcabaSTS-119, Soyuz TMA-04M
  2. United States Loren ActonSTS-51-F
  3. United States Mike Adams (1930–1967) X-15
  4. United States James AdamsonSTS-28, STS-43
  5. Soviet Union Russia Viktor M. AfanasyevSoyuz TM-11, Soyuz TM-18, Soyuz TM-29, Soyuz TM-33/32
  6. United States Thomas AkersSTS-41, STS-49, STS-61, STS-79
  7. Soviet Union Vladimir AksyonovSoyuz 22, Soyuz T-2
  8. United States Buzz Aldrin (formerly Edwin A. Aldrin) — Gemini 12, Apollo 11
  9. Bulgaria Aleksandar Panayotov AleksandrovSoyuz TM-5
  10. Soviet Union Aleksandr Pavlovich AleksandrovSoyuz T-9, Soyuz TM-3
  11. United States Andrew M. AllenSTS-46, STS-62, STS-75
  12. United States Joseph P. AllenSTS-5, STS-51-A
  13. United States Scott AltmanSTS-90, STS-106, STS-109, STS-125
  14. United States William AndersApollo 8
  15. United States Clayton AndersonSTS-117/120, STS-131
  16. United States Michael P. Anderson, (1959–2003) — STS-89, STS-107. Died in the Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003.
  17. United States Dominic A. AntonelliSTS-119, STS-132
  18. United States Jerome AptSTS-37, STS-47, STS-59, STS-79
  19. United States Lee ArchambaultSTS-117, STS-119
  20. United States Neil ArmstrongGemini 8, Apollo 11. First person to walk on the Moon.[1][2]
  21. United States Richard R. ArnoldSTS-119
  22. Soviet Union Anatoly ArtsebarskySoyuz TM-12
  23. Soviet Union Yuri Artyukhin (1930–1998) — Soyuz 14
  24. United States Jeffrey AshbySTS-93, STS-100, STS-112
  25. Soviet Union Oleg AtkovSoyuz T-10/11
  26. Soviet Union Toktar AubakirovSoyuz TM-13/12
  27. Russia Sergei AvdeyevSoyuz TM-15, Soyuz TM-22


  28. United States James P. Bagian, M.D. — STS-29, STS-40
  29. United States Ellen S. Baker, M.D.Symbol venus.svgSTS-34, STS-50, STS-71
  30. United States Michael BakerSTS-43, STS-52, STS-68, STS-81
  31. Soviet Union Aleksandr BalandinSoyuz TM-9
  32. United States Michael R. Barratt, M.D. — Soyuz TMA-14, STS-133
  33. United States Daniel BarrySTS-72, STS-96, STS-105
  34. United States John-David F. BartoeSTS-51-F
  35. United States Charlie Bassett (1931–1966) — No flights. Originally assigned to Gemini 9.
  36. Russia Yuri BaturinSoyuz TM-28/27, Soyuz TM-32/31
  37. France Patrick BaudrySTS-51-G
  38. United States Alan BeanApollo 12, Skylab 3
  39. United States Robert L. BehnkenSTS-123, STS-130
  40. Slovakia Ivan BellaSoyuz TM-29/28
  41. Soviet Union Pavel Belyayev (1925–1970) — Voskhod 2
  42. Soviet Union Georgi Beregovoi (1921–1995) — Soyuz 3
  43. Soviet Union Anatoli BerezovoySoyuz T-5/7
  44. United States John BlahaSTS-29, STS-33, STS-43, STS-58, STS-79/81
  45. United States Michael J. BloomfieldSTS-86, STS-97, STS-110
  46. United States Guion BlufordSTS-8, STS-61-A, STS-39, STS-53
  47. United States Karol BobkoSTS-6, STS-51-D, STS-51-J
  48. United States Eric A. BoeSTS-126, STS-133
  49. United States Charles BoldenSTS-61-C, STS-31, STS-45, STS-60
  50. Canada Roberta Bondar, M.D.Symbol venus.svgSTS-42
  51. Soviet Union Valentin Bondarenko (1937–1961) - no flights. Died in fire while training in pure oxygen (three weeks before Gagarin's flight).
  52. Russia Andrei BorisenkoSoyuz TMA-21
  53. United States Frank BormanGemini 7, Apollo 8
  54. United States Stephen G. BowenSTS-126, STS-132, STS-133
  55. United States Kenneth BowersoxSTS-50, STS-61, STS-73, STS-82, STS-113/Soyuz TMA-1
  56. United States Charles E. Brady, Jr., M.D. (1951–2006) — STS-78
  57. United States Vance BrandApollo-Soyuz Test Project, STS-5, STS-41-B, STS-35
  58. United States Daniel BrandensteinSTS-8, STS-51-G, STS-32, STS-49
  59. United States Randolph BresnikSTS-129
  60. United States Roy BridgesSTS-51-F
  61. United States Curtis BrownSTS-47, STS-66, STS-77, STS-85, STS-95, STS-103
  62. United States David M. Brown (1956–2003) — STS-107. Died on the Columbia
  63. United States Mark BrownSTS-28, STS-48
  64. United States James BuchliSTS-51-C, STS-61-A, STS-29, STS-48
  65. United States Jay C. Buckey, M.D. — STS-90
  66. Russia Nikolai BudarinSTS-71/Soyuz TM-21, Soyuz TM-27, STS-113/Soyuz TMA-1
  67. United States John S. Bull (1934–2008) — No flights.
  68. United States Daniel BurbankSTS-106, STS-115, Soyuz TMA-22
  69. United States Daniel BurschSTS-51, STS-68, STS-77, STS-108, STS-111
  70. Soviet Union Valery BykovskyVostok 5, Soyuz 22, Soyuz 31/29


  71. United States Robert D. CabanaSTS-41, STS-53, STS-65, STS-88
  72. United States Yvonne Cagle, M.D.,Symbol venus.svg — No flights.
  73. United States Fernando Caldeiro (1958–2009) — No flights.
  74. United States Charles CamardaSTS-114
  75. United States Kenneth D. CameronSTS-37, STS-56, STS-74
  76. United States Duane G. CareySTS-109
  77. United States Scott CarpenterMercury 7[3]
  78. United States Gerald P. CarrSkylab 4
  79. United States Sonny Carter, M.D. (1947–1991) — STS-33
  80. United States John CasperSTS-36, STS-54, STS-62, STS-77
  81. United States Christopher CassidySTS-127
  82. United States Robert J. CenkerSTS-61-C
  83. United States Eugene CernanGemini 9A, Apollo 10, Apollo 17
  84. United States Roger B. Chaffee (1935–1967), died in the fire in Apollo 1.
  85. United States Gregory ChamitoffSTS-124/126, STS-134
  86. Costa Rica United States Franklin Chang-DiazSTS-61-C, STS-34, STS-46, STS-60, STS-75, STS-91, STS-111
  87. Australia United States Philip K. Chapman — No flights
  88. India United States Kalpana ChawlaSymbol venus.svg (1961–2003) — STS-87, STS-107. Died on the crash of the Columbia.
  89. Italy Maurizio CheliSTS-75
  90. China Chen Quan — No flights. Backup for Shenzhou 7.
  91. United States Leroy ChiaoSTS-65, STS-72, STS-92, Soyuz TMA-5
  92. United States Kevin P. ChiltonSTS-49, STS-59, STS-76
  93. France Jean-Loup ChrétienSoyuz T-6, Soyuz TM-7/6, STS-86
  94. United States Laurel B. Clark, M.D.Symbol venus.svg (1961–2003) — STS-107. Died on the crash of the Columbia.
  95. United States Mary L. CleaveSymbol venus.svgSTS-61-B, STS-30
  96. France Jean-François Clervoy, EAC — STS-66, STS-84, STS-103
  97. United States Michael R. CliffordSTS-53, STS-59, STS-76
  98. United States Michael CoatsSTS-41-D, STS-29, STS-39
  99. United States Kenneth CockrellSTS-56, STS-69, STS-80, STS-98, STS-111
  100. United States Catherine Coleman Symbol venus.svgSTS-73, STS-93, Soyuz TMA-20
  101. United States Eileen CollinsSymbol venus.svgSTS-63, STS-84, STS-93, STS-114
  102. United States Michael CollinsGemini 10, Apollo 11
  103. United States Charles "Pete" Conrad, Apollo 12, (1930–1999) — Gemini 5, Gemini 11, Apollo 12, Skylab 2
  104. United States Gordon Cooper (1927–2004) — Mercury 9, Gemini 5
  105. United States Richard O. CoveySTS-51-I, STS-26, STS-38, STS-61
  106. United States Timothy CreamerSoyuz TMA-17
  107. United States John O. CreightonSTS-51-G, STS-36, STS-48
  108. United States Robert CrippenSTS-1, STS-7, STS-41-C, STS-41-G
  109. Italy Samantha CristoforettiSymbol venus.svg
  110. United States Roger K. CrouchSTS-83, STS-94
  111. United States Frank L. Culbertson, Jr.STS-38, STS-51, STS-105/108
  112. United States Walter CunninghamApollo 7
  113. United States Robert CurbeamSTS-85, STS-98, STS-116
  114. United States Nancy J. CurrieSymbol venus.svgSTS-57, STS-70, STS-88, STS-109


  115. United States Nancy Jan DavisSymbol venus.svgSTS-47, STS-60, STS-85
  116. United States Lawrence J. DeLucasSTS-50
  117. Belgium Frank De WinneSoyuz TMA-1/TM-34, Soyuz TMA-15
  118. Russia Vladimir N. DezhurovSoyuz TM-21/STS-71
  119. Soviet Union Georgi Dobrovolski (1928–1971) — Soyuz 11 Died on reentry.
  120. Japan Takao DoiSTS-87, STS-123
  121. United States B. Alvin DrewSTS-118, STS-133
  122. United States Brian DuffySTS-45, STS-57, STS-72, STS-92
  123. United States Charles DukeApollo 16
  124. United States Bonnie J. DunbarSymbol venus.svgSTS-61-A, STS-32, STS-50, STS-71, STS-89
  125. Spain Pedro DuqueSTS-95, Soyuz TMA-3/2
  126. United States Samuel T. DurranceSTS-35, STS-67
  127. United States James DuttonSTS-131
  128. Soviet Union Lev Dyomin (1926–1998) — Soyuz 15
  129. United States Tracy Caldwell DysonSymbol venus.svgSTS-118, Soyuz TMA-18
  130. Soviet Union Vladimir DzhanibekovSoyuz 27/26, Soyuz 39, Soyuz T-6, Soyuz T-12, Soyuz T-13


  131. United States Joe EdwardsSTS-89
  132. United States Donn F. Eisele (1930–1987) — Apollo 7
  133. United States Anthony W. EnglandSTS-51-F
  134. United States Joe H. EngleX-15 flights 138, 143, and 153, STS-2, STS-51-I
  135. United States Ronald Evans (1933–1990) — Apollo 17
  136. Germany Reinhold EwaldSoyuz TM-25/24
  137. France Léopold Eyharts, EAC — Soyuz TM-27/26, STS-122/123


  138. United States John FabianSTS-7, STS-51-G
  139. Syria Muhammed FarisSoyuz TM-3/2
  140. Hungary Bertalan FarkasSoyuz 36/35
  141. France Jean-Jacques FavierSTS-78
  142. China Fèi JùnlóngShenzhou 6
  143. Soviet Union Konstantin Feoktistov (1926–2009) — Voskhod 1
  144. United States Christopher FergusonSTS-115, STS-126, STS-135
  145. United States Martin J. FettmanSTS-58
  146. United States Andrew J. FeustelSTS-125, STS-134
  147. Soviet Union Anatoly FilipchenkoSoyuz 7, Soyuz 16
  148. United States Michael FinckeSoyuz TMA-4, Soyuz TMA-13, STS-134
  149. United States John L. Finley (1935–2006) — No flights. Trained for the MOL program.
  150. United States Anna Lee Fisher, M.D.Symbol venus.svgSTS-51-A
  151. United States William Frederick Fisher, M.D. — STS-51-I
  152. Germany Klaus-Dietrich FladeSoyuz TM-14/13
  153. United States United Kingdom Michael FoaleSTS-45, STS-56, STS-63, STS-84/86, STS-103, Soyuz TMA-3
  154. United States Kevin A. FordSTS-128
  155. United States Michael ForemanSTS-123, STS-129
  156. United States Patrick ForresterSTS-105, STS-117, STS-128
  157. United States Michael FossumSTS-121, STS-124, Soyuz TMA-02M
  158. United States Ted Freeman (1930–1964) — No flights
  159. United States Stephen FrickSTS-110, STS-122
  160. Belgium Dirk FrimoutSTS-45
  161. Sweden Christer FuglesangSTS-116, STS-128
  162. United States Charles FullertonSTS-3, STS-51-F
  163. Germany Reinhard Furrer (1940–1995) — STS-61-A
  164. Japan Satoshi FurukawaSoyuz TMA-02M


  165. United States F. Drew Gaffney, M.D. — STS-40
  166. Soviet Union Yuri Gagarin (1934–1968) — Vostok 1. First person in space.
  167. United States Ronald GaranSTS-124, Soyuz TMA-21
  168. United States Dale GardnerSTS-8, STS-51-A
  169. United States Guy GardnerSTS-27, STS-35
  170. Canada Marc GarneauSTS-41-G, STS-77, STS-97
  171. United States Owen GarriottSkylab 3, STS-9
  172. United States Charles GemarSTS-38, STS-48, STS-62
  173. United States Michael GernhardtSTS-69, STS-83, STS-94, STS-104
  174. Germany Alexander Gerst — No flights.
  175. United States Edward GibsonSkylab 4
  176. United States Robert L. GibsonSTS-41-B, STS-61-C, STS-27, STS-47, STS-71
  177. Russia Yuri GidzenkoSoyuz TM-22, Soyuz TM-31/STS-102, Soyuz TM-34/Soyuz TM-33
  178. United States Ed Givens (1930–1967) — No flights. NASA group 5.
  179. Soviet Union Yuri Glazkov (1939–2008) — Soyuz 24
  180. United States John GlennMercury 6, STS-95
  181. United States Linda GodwinSymbol venus.svgSTS-37, STS-59, STS-76, STS-108
  182. United States Michael T. GoodSTS-125, STS-132
  183. Soviet Union Viktor GorbatkoSoyuz 7, Soyuz 24, Soyuz 37/36
  184. United States Richard GordonGemini 11, Apollo 12
  185. United States Dominic GorieSTS-91, STS-99, STS-108, STS-123
  186. United States Ronald GrabeSTS-51-J, STS-30, STS-42, STS-57
  187. United States Duane Graveline, M.D. — No flights
  188. Soviet Union Georgi GrechkoSoyuz 17, Soyuz 26/27, Soyuz T-14/13
  189. United States Frederick GregorySTS-51-B, STS-33, STS-44
  190. United States William GregorySTS-67
  191. United States Stanley Griggs (1939–1989) — STS-51-D
  192. United States Virgil Grissom (1926–1967) — Mercury-Redstone 4, Gemini 3. Died in the Apollo 1 fire.
  193. United States John GrunsfeldSTS-67, STS-81, STS-103, STS-109, STS-125
  194. Soviet Union Aleksei GubarevSoyuz 17, Soyuz 28
  195. Italy Umberto GuidoniSTS-75, STS-100
  196. Mongolia Zhugderdemidiyn GurragchaSoyuz 39
  197. United States Sidney GutierrezSTS-40, STS-59


  198. Canada Chris HadfieldSTS-74, STS-100
  199. France Claudie HaigneréSymbol venus.svg, EAC — Soyuz TM-24/23, Soyuz TM-33/32
  200. France Jean-Pierre Haigneré, EAC — Soyuz TM-17/16, Soyuz TM-29
  201. United States Fred HaiseApollo 13
  202. United States James HalsellSTS-65, STS-74, STS-83, STS-94, STS-101
  203. United States Kenneth HamSTS-124, STS-132
  204. United States Lloyd HammondSTS-39, STS-64
  205. Canada Jeremy Hansen — No flights
  206. United States Gregory HarbaughSTS-39, STS-54, STS-71, STS-82
  207. United States Bernard A. Harris, Jr.STS-55, STS-63
  208. United States Terry HartSTS-41-C
  209. United States Henry HartsfieldSTS-4, STS-41-D, STS-61-A
  210. United States Frederick HauckSTS-7, STS-51-A, STS-26
  211. United States Steven HawleySTS-41-D, STS-61-C, STS-31, STS-82, STS-93
  212. United States Susan HelmsSymbol venus.svgSTS-54, STS-64, STS-78, STS-101, STS-102/105
  213. United States Karl Henize (1926–1993) — STS-51-F
  214. United States Thomas HennenSTS-44
  215. United States Terence HenricksSTS-44, STS-55, STS-70, STS-78
  216. Poland Miroslaw HermaszewskiSoyuz 30
  217. United States José HernándezSTS-128
  218. United States John HerringtonSTS-113
  219. United States Richard HiebSTS-39, STS-49, STS-65
  220. United States Joan HigginbothamSymbol venus.svgSTS-116
  221. United States David HilmersSTS-51-J, STS-26, STS-36, STS-42
  222. United States Kathryn HireSymbol venus.svgSTS-90, STS-130
  223. United States Charles HobaughSTS-104, STS-108, STS-129
  224. United States Jeffrey HoffmanSTS-51-D, STS-35, STS-46, STS-61, STS-75
  225. United States Donald Holmquest, M.D. — No flights.
  226. United States Scott HorowitzSTS-75, STS-82, STS-101, STS-105
  227. Japan Akihiko HoshideSTS-124
  228. United States Millie Hughes-FulfordSymbol venus.svgSTS-40
  229. United States Douglas G. HurleySTS-127, STS-135
  230. United States Rick D. Husband (1957–2003) — STS-96, STS-107. Died on the Columbia.


  231. United States James Irwin (1930–1991) — Apollo 15
  232. Soviet Union Aleksandr IvanchenkovSoyuz 29/31
  233. Russia Anatoli IvanishinSoyuz TMA-22
  234. Bulgaria Georgi IvanovSoyuz 33
  235. United States Marsha IvinsSymbol venus.svgSTS-32, STS-46, STS-62, STS-81, STS-98


  236. East Germany Sigmund JähnSoyuz 31/29
  237. United States Mae Jemison, M.D.Symbol venus.svgSTS-47
  238. United States Tamara E. JerniganSymbol venus.svgSTS-40, STS-52, STS-67, STS-80, STS-96
  239. United States Brent W. Jett, Jr.STS-72, STS-81, STS-97, STS-115
  240. China Jing HaipengShenzhou 7, Shenzhou 9
  241. United States Gregory C. JohnsonSTS-125
  242. United States Gregory H. JohnsonSTS-123, STS-134
  243. United States Thomas D. JonesSTS-59, STS-68, STS-80, STS-98


  244. Ukraine Leonid KadenyukSTS-87
  245. Russia Alexander KaleriSoyuz TM-14, Soyuz TM-24, Soyuz TM-30, Soyuz TMA-3, Soyuz TMA-01M
  246. United States Janet L. KavandiSymbol venus.svgSTS-91, STS-99, STS-104
  247. United States James M. KellySTS-102, STS-114
  248. United States Mark KellySTS-108, STS-121, STS-124, STS-134
  249. United States Scott KellySTS-103, STS-118, Soyuz TMA-01M
  250. United States Joseph Kerwin, M.D. — Skylab 2
  251. Soviet Union Yevgeny Khrunov (1933–2000) — Soyuz 5/4
  252. United States Robert S. KimbroughSTS-126
  253. Soviet Union Leonid Kizim (1941–2010) — Soyuz T-3, Soyuz T-10/11, Soyuz T-15
  254. Soviet Union Petr KlimukSoyuz 13, Soyuz 18, Soyuz 30
  255. Soviet Union Pyotr Kolodin — no flights, backup for several missions.
  256. Soviet Union Vladimir Komarov (1927–1967) — Voskhod 1, Soyuz 1. Died during re-entry of first Soyuz spacecraft.
  257. Russia Yelena KondakovaSymbol venus.svgSoyuz TM-20/STS-84
  258. Russia Dmitri KondratyevSoyuz TMA-20
  259. Russia Oleg KononenkoSoyuz TMA-12, Soyuz TMA-03M
  260. United States Timothy L. KopraSTS-127/128
  261. Russia Mikhail KorniyenkoSoyuz TMA-18
  262. Russia Valery KorzunSoyuz TM-24, STS-111/113
  263. Russia Oleg KotovSoyuz TMA-10
  264. Soviet Union Vladimir KovalyonokSoyuz 25, Soyuz 29/31, Soyuz T-4
  265. Russia Konstantin KozeyevSoyuz TM-33/32
  266. United States Kevin KregelSTS-70, STS-78, STS-87, STS-99
  267. Soviet Union Russia Sergei KrikalevSoyuz TM-7, Soyuz TM-12/Soyuz TM-13, STS-60, STS-88, Soyuz TM-31/STS-102, Soyuz TMA-6
  268. Soviet Union Valeri KubasovSoyuz 6, Soyuz 19, Soyuz 36/35
  269. Netherlands André KuipersSoyuz TMA-4/3, Soyuz TMA-03M


  270. Soviet Union Aleksandr LaveykinSoyuz TM-2
  271. United States Robert Lawrence (1935–1967) — No flights. Trained for MOL program.
  272. United States Wendy LawrenceSymbol venus.svgSTS-67, STS-86, STS-91, STS-114
  273. Soviet Union Vasili Lazarev (1928–1990) — Soyuz 12, Soyuz 18a
  274. Russia Aleksandr LazutkinSoyuz TM-25
  275. Soviet Union Valentin LebedevSoyuz 13, Soyuz T-5/7
  276. United States Mark C. LeeSTS-30, STS-47, STS-64, STS-82
  277. United States David LeestmaSTS-41-G, STS-28, STS-45
  278. United States William B. Lenoir(1939–2010) — STS-5
  279. Soviet Union Aleksei LeonovVoskhod 2, Soyuz 19 - first human to conduct a space walk.
  280. United States Frederick W. LeslieSTS-73
  281. Soviet Union Anatoli Levchenko (1941–1988) — Soyuz TM-4/3
  282. United States Byron LichtenbergSTS-9, STS-45
  283. United States Don LindSTS-51-B
  284. United States Steven LindseySTS-87, STS-95, STS-104, STS-121, STS-133
  285. United States Jerry LinengerSTS-64, STS-81/84
  286. United States Richard LinnehanSTS-78, STS-90, STS-109, STS-123
  287. United States Gregory LinterisSTS-83, STS-94
  288. China Liu BomingShenzhou 7
  289. China Liu WangShenzhou 9
  290. China Liu YangSymbol venus.svgShenzhou 9
  291. United States Anthony Llewellyn — No flights
  292. United States Paul LockhartSTS-111, STS-113
  293. Russia Yuri LonchakovSTS-100, Soyuz TMA-1/TM-34, Soyuz TMA-13
  294. United States Michael Lopez-AlegriaSTS-73, STS-92, STS-113, Soyuz TMA-9
  295. United States Christopher Loria — No flights
  296. United States John LoungeSTS-51-I, STS-26, STS-35
  297. United States Jack LousmaSkylab 3, STS-3
  298. United States Stanley G. LoveSTS-122
  299. United States Jim LovellGemini 7, Gemini 12, Apollo 8, Apollo 13
  300. United States G. David Low (1956–2008) — STS-32, STS-43, STS-57
  301. United States Edward LuSTS-84, STS-106, Soyuz TMA-2
  302. United States Shannon LucidSymbol venus.svgSTS-51-G, STS-34, STS-43, STS-58, STS-76/79.
  303. Soviet Union Vladimir LyakhovSoyuz 32/34, Soyuz T-9, Soyuz TM-6/5


  304. Canada Steven MacLeanSTS-52, STS-115
  305. United States Sandra MagnusSymbol venus.svgSTS-112, STS-126/119, STS-135
  306. Soviet Union Oleg Makarov (1933–2003) — Soyuz 12, Soyuz 18a, Soyuz 27/26, Soyuz T-3
  307. Russia Yuri MalenchenkoSoyuz TM-19, STS-106, Soyuz TMA-2, Soyuz TMA-11
  308. Italy Franco MalerbaSTS-46
  309. Soviet Union Yuri Malyshev (1941–1999) — Soyuz T-2, Soyuz T-11/10
  310. Soviet Union Russia Gennadi ManakovSoyuz TM-10, Soyuz TM-16
  311. Soviet Union Musa ManarovSoyuz TM-4/6, Soyuz TM-11
  312. United States Thomas Marshburn, M.D. — STS-127
  313. United States Michael MassiminoSTS-109, STS-125
  314. United States Richard MastracchioSTS-106, STS-118, STS-131
  315. United States Thomas Kenneth "Ken" Mattingly IIApollo 16, STS-4, STS-51-C.
  316. United States K. Megan McArthurSymbol venus.svgSTS-125
  317. United States William S. McArthurSTS-58, STS-74, STS-92, Soyuz TMA-7
  318. United States Jon McBrideSTS-41-G
  319. United States Bruce McCandless IISTS-41-B, STS-31
  320. United States William C. McCool (1961–2003) — STS-107. Died on the Columbia.
  321. United States Michael McCulleySTS-34
  322. United States James McDivittGemini 4, Apollo 9
  323. United States Donald McMonagleSTS-39, STS-54, STS-66
  324. United States Ronald McNair (1950–1986) — STS-41-B. Died on the Challenger (STS-51L).
  325. United States Carl MeadeSTS-38, STS-50, STS-64
  326. United States Bruce MelnickSTS-41, STS-49
  327. United States Pamela MelroySymbol venus.svgSTS-92, STS-112, STS-120
  328. United States Leland D. MelvinSTS-122, STS-129
  329. Germany Ulf MerboldSTS-9, STS-42, Soyuz TM-20/19
  330. Germany Ernst MesserschmidSTS-61-A
  331. United States Dorothy M. Metcalf-LindenburgerSymbol venus.svgSTS-131
  332. United States Curt Michel — No flights
  333. United States Edgar MitchellApollo 14
  334. Denmark Andreas Mogensen
  335. Afghanistan Abdul Ahad MohmandSoyuz TM-6/5
  336. Japan Mamoru MohriSTS-47, STS-99
  337. United States Barbara MorganSymbol venus.svgSTS-118
  338. United States Lee MorinSTS-110
  339. Russia Boris MorukovSTS-106
  340. Japan Chiaki Mukai, M.D.Symbol venus.svgSTS-65, STS-95
  341. United States Richard MullaneSTS-41-D, STS-27, STS-36
  342. Russia Talgat MusabayevSoyuz TM-19, Soyuz TM-27, Soyuz TM-32/31
  343. United States Story Musgrave, M.D. — STS-6, STS-51-F, STS-33, STS-44, STS-61, STS-80


  344. United States Steven R. NagelSTS-51-G, STS-61-A, STS-37, STS-55
  345. United States George NelsonSTS-41-C, STS-61-C, STS-26
  346. Soviet Union Grigori Nelyubov (1934–1966) — No flights. Vostok backup.
  347. Mexico Rodolfo Neri VelaSTS-61-B
  348. Italy Paolo A. NespoliSTS-120, Soyuz TMA-20
  349. United States James H. NewmanSTS-51, STS-69, STS-88, STS-109
  350. Switzerland Claude NicollierSTS-46, STS-61, STS-75, STS-103
  351. China Niè HǎishèngShenzhou 6
  352. Soviet Union Andriyan Nikolayev (1929–2004) — Vostok 3, Soyuz 9
  353. Japan Soichi NoguchiSTS-114, Soyuz TMA-17
  354. Peru United States Carlos I. NoriegaSTS-84, STS-97
  355. United States Lisa NowakSymbol venus.svgSTS-121
  356. United States Karen NybergSymbol venus.svgSTS-124


  357. United States Bryan O'ConnorSTS-61-B, STS-40
  358. United States Ellen OchoaSymbol venus.svgSTS-56, STS-66, STS-96, STS-110
  359. Netherlands Wubbo OckelsSTS-61-A
  360. United States William OefeleinSTS-116
  361. United States Brian O'Leary — No flights
  362. United States John D. OlivasSTS-117, STS-128
  363. Japan Takuya Onishi — No flights
  364. United States Ellison Onizuka (1946–1986) — STS-51-C. Died on the Challenger (STS-51L).
  365. Russia Yuri OnufrienkoSoyuz TM-23, STS-108/111
  366. United States Stephen OswaldSTS-42, STS-56, STS-67
  367. United States Robert Overmyer (1936–1996) — STS-5, STS-51-B


  368. Russia Gennady PadalkaSoyuz TM-28, Soyuz TMA-4, Soyuz TMA-14, Soyuz TMA-04M
  369. United States William PailesSTS-51-J
  370. United States Scott Parazynski, M.D. — STS-66, STS-86, STS-95, STS-100, STS-120
  371. United States Ronald A. Parise (1951–2008) — STS-35, STS-67
  372. United States Robert ParkerSTS-9, STS-35
  373. Italy Luca Parmitano — No flights.
  374. United Kingdom United States Nicholas PatrickSTS-116, STS-130
  375. Soviet Union Viktor Patsayev (1933–1971) — Soyuz 11. Died on reentry.
  376. United States James PawelczykSTS-90
  377. Canada Julie PayetteSymbol venus.svgSTS-96, STS-127
  378. United States Gary PaytonSTS-51-C
  379. United Kingdom Timothy Peake — No flights.
  380. France Philippe Perrin, EAC — STS-111
  381. France Thomas Pesquet — No flights.
  382. United States Donald PetersonSTS-6
  383. United States Donald PettitSTS-113/Soyuz TMA-1, STS-126, Soyuz TMA-03M
  384. Vietnam Pham TuanSoyuz 37/36
  385. United States John PhillipsSTS-100, Soyuz TMA-6, STS-119
  386. United States William PogueSkylab 4
  387. United States Alan G. PoindexterSTS-122, STS-131
  388. United States Mark PolanskySTS-98, STS-116, STS-127
  389. Russia Alexander PoleshchukSoyuz TM-16
  390. Soviet Union/Russia Valeri Polyakov, M.D. — Soyuz TM-6/7, Soyuz TM-18/20
  391. Brazil Marcos PontesSoyuz TMA-8
  392. Soviet Union Leonid PopovSoyuz 35/37, Soyuz 40, Soyuz T-7/5
  393. Soviet Union Pavel Popovich (1930–2009) — Vostok 4, Soyuz 14
  394. United States Charles PrecourtSTS-55, STS-71, STS-84, STS-91
  395. Romania Dumitru PrunariuSoyuz 40


  396. Israel Ilan Ramon (1954–2003) — STS-107. Died on the Columbia.
  397. United States William ReaddySTS-42, STS-51, STS-79
  398. United States Kenneth ReightlerSTS-48, STS-60
  399. United States James F. ReillySTS-89, STS-104, STS-117
  400. United States Garrett ReismanSTS-123/124, STS-132
  401. Germany Thomas ReiterSoyuz TM-22, STS-121/116
  402. Czechoslovakia Vladimír RemekSoyuz 28
  403. United States Judith ResnikSymbol venus.svg (1949–1986) — STS-41D. Died on the Challenger (STS-51L)
  404. Russia Sergei RevinSoyuz TMA-04M
  405. United States Paul W. RichardsSTS-102
  406. United States Richard N. RichardsSTS-28, STS-41, STS-50, STS-64
  407. United States Sally RideSymbol venus.svgSTS-7, STS-41-G
  408. United States Patricia Robertson, M.D.Symbol venus.svg (1963–2001) — No flights.
  409. United States Stephen RobinsonSTS-85, STS-95, STS-114, STS-130
  410. United States Russell L. Rogers (1928–1967) — No flights. Assigned to the Dyna Soar project.
  411. Russia Roman RomanenkoSoyuz TMA-15
  412. Soviet Union Yuri RomanenkoSoyuz 26/27, Soyuz 38, Soyuz TM-2/3
  413. United States Kent RomingerSTS-73, STS-80, STS-85, STS-96, STS-100
  414. United States Stuart Roosa (1933–1994) — Apollo 14
  415. United States Jerry L. RossSTS-61-B, STS-27, STS-37, STS-55, STS-74, STS-88, STS-110
  416. Soviet Union Valery RozhdestvenskySoyuz 23
  417. Soviet Union Nikolay Rukavishnikov (1932–2002) — Soyuz 10, Soyuz 16, Soyuz 33
  418. United States Mario Runco, Jr.STS-44, STS-54, STS-77
  419. Soviet Union Russia Valery RyuminSoyuz 25, Soyuz 32/34, Soyuz 35/37, STS-91


  420. United States Albert SaccoSTS-73
  421. Canada David Saint-Jacques — No flights
  422. Russia Aleksandr SamokutyayevSoyuz TMA-21
  423. Soviet Union Gennadi Sarafanov (1942–2005) — Soyuz 15
  424. United States Robert Satcher, M.D. — STS-129
  425. Saudi Arabia Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al SaudSTS-51-G
  426. Soviet Union Viktor SavinykhSoyuz T-4, Soyuz T-13/14
  427. Soviet Union Svetlana SavitskayaSymbol venus.svgSoyuz T-7/5, Soyuz T-12
  428. United States Wally Schirra (1923–2007) — Mercury 8, Gemini 6A, Apollo 7
  429. Germany Hans SchlegelSTS-55, STS-122
  430. United States Harrison SchmittApollo 17
  431. United States Rusty SchweickartApollo 9
  432. United States Dick Scobee (1939–1986) — STS-41-C. Died on the Challenger (STS-51L).
  433. United States David ScottGemini 8, Apollo 9, Apollo 15
  434. United States Winston ScottSTS-72, STS-87
  435. Australia / United States Paul Scully-PowerSTS-41-G
  436. United States Richard SearfossSTS-58, STS-76, STS-90
  437. United States Rhea Seddon, M.D.Symbol venus.svgSTS-51-D, STS-40, STS-58
  438. United States Elliott See (1927–1966) — No flights.
  439. United States Ronald SegaSTS-60, STS-76
  440. United Kingdom United States Piers SellersSTS-112, STS-121, STS-132
  441. Soviet Union Russia Aleksandr SerebrovSoyuz T-7/5, Soyuz T-8, Soyuz TM-8, Soyuz TM-17
  442. Soviet Union Vitali Sevastyanov (1935–2010) — Soyuz 9, Soyuz 18
  443. Russia Yuri SharginSoyuz TMA-5/4
  444. Russia Salizhan SharipovSTS-89, Soyuz TMA-5
  445. India Rakesh SharmaSoyuz T-11/10
  446. Soviet Union Vladimir ShatalovSoyuz 4, Soyuz 8, Soyuz 10
  447. United States Brewster ShawSTS-9, STS-61-B, STS-28
  448. United States Alan Shepard (1923–1998) — Mercury-Redstone 3, Apollo 14. First American in space.
  449. United States William ShepherdSTS-27, STS-41, STS-52, Soyuz TM-31/STS-102
  450. Russia Anton ShkaplerovSoyuz TMA-22
  451. Soviet Union Georgi Shonin (1935–1997) — Soyuz 6
  452. United States Loren ShriverSTS-51-C, STS-31, STS-46
  453. Malaysia Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, M.D. — Soyuz TMA-11/10
  454. Russia Oleg SkripochkaSoyuz TMA-01M
  455. Russia Aleksandr SkvortsovSoyuz TMA-18
  456. United States Donald "Deke" Slayton (1924–1993) — Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
  457. United States Michael J. Smith (1945-1986). Died on the Challenger (STS-51L).
  458. United States Steven SmithSTS-68, STS-82, STS-103, STS-110
  459. Soviet Union Russia Anatoly SolovyevSoyuz TM-5/4, Soyuz TM-9, Soyuz TM-15, STS-71/Soyuz TM-21, Soyuz TM-26
  460. Soviet Union Vladimir SolovyovSoyuz T-10/11, Soyuz T-15
  461. Soviet Union Aleksei Sorokin (1931–1976) — No flights. Voskhod 1 backup.[4]
  462. United States Sherwood SpringSTS-61-B
  463. United States Robert SpringerSTS-29, STS-38
  464. United States Thomas Patten StaffordGemini 6A, Gemini 9A, Apollo 10, Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
  465. United States Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-PiperSymbol venus.svgSTS-115, STS-126
  466. United States Robert StewartSTS-41-B, STS-51-J
  467. United States Susan Still KilrainSymbol venus.svgSTS-83, STS-94
  468. United States Nicole Marie Passonno StottSymbol venus.svgSTS-128, STS-133
  469. Bulgaria Krasimir Stoyanov— No flights.
  470. Soviet Union Russia Gennady Strekalov (1940–2004) — Soyuz T-3, Soyuz T-8, Soyuz T-11/10, Soyuz TM-10, Soyuz TM-21/STS-71
  471. United States Frederick SturckowSTS-88, STS-105, STS-117, STS-128
  472. United States Kathryn SullivanSymbol venus.svg, — STS-41-G, STS-31, STS-45
  473. Russia Maksim SurayevSoyuz TMA-16
  474. United States Steven SwansonSTS-117, STS-119
  475. United States John "Jack" Swigert (1931–1982) — Apollo 13


  476. Cuba Arnaldo Tamayo MéndezSoyuz 38
  477. United States Daniel TaniSTS-108, STS-120/122
  478. United States Joseph TannerSTS-66, STS-82, STS-97, STS-115
  479. United States James M. Taylor (1930–1970) — No flights. Assigned to MOL project.
  480. Soviet Union Valentina TereshkovaSymbol venus.svgVostok 6. First woman in space.
  481. United States Norman Thagard, M.D. — STS-7, STS-51-B, STS-30, STS-42, Soyuz TM-21/STS-71
  482. Germany Gerhard ThieleSTS-99
  483. Canada Robert Thirsk, M.D. — STS-78, Soyuz TMA-15
  484. Australia United States Andrew ThomasSTS-77, STS-89, STS-91, STS-102, STS-114
  485. United States Donald ThomasSTS-65, STS-70, STS-83, STS-94
  486. United States Stephen Thorne (1953–1986) — No flights. Died before completing NASA astronaut training.
  487. United States Kathryn ThorntonSymbol venus.svgSTS-33, STS-49, STS-61, STS-73
  488. United States William E. Thornton, M.D. — STS-8, STS-51-B
  489. United States Pierre ThuotSTS-36, STS-49, STS-62
  490. Soviet Union Gherman Titov (1935–2000) — Vostok 2
  491. Soviet Union Russia Vladimir TitovSoyuz T-8, Soyuz TM-4/6, STS-63, STS-86
  492. France Michel Tognini, EAC — Soyuz TM-15/14, STS-93
  493. Russia Valery TokarevSTS-96, Soyuz TMA-7
  494. Russia Sergei TreshchovSTS-111/113
  495. United States Eugene TrinhSTS-50
  496. United States Richard TrulySTS-2, STS-8
  497. Canada Bjarni TryggvasonSTS-85
  498. Russia Vasili TsibliyevSoyuz TM-17, Soyuz TM-25
  499. Russia Mikhail TyurinSTS-105/108, Soyuz TMA-9


  500. Russia Yury UsachovSoyuz TM-18, Soyuz TM-23, STS-101, STS-102/STS-105


  501. Netherlands United States Lodewijk van den BergSTS-51-B
  502. United States James "Ox" van HoftenSTS-41-C, STS-51-I
  503. Soviet Union Vladimir Vasyutin (1952–2002) — Soyuz T-14
  504. United States Charles Veach (1944–1995) — STS-39, STS-52
  505. Austria Franz ViehböckSoyuz TM-13/12
  506. Soviet Union Russia Alexander ViktorenkoSoyuz TM-3/2, Soyuz TM-8, Soyuz TM-14, Soyuz TM-20
  507. Russia Pavel VinogradovSoyuz TM-26, Soyuz TMA-8
  508. United States Terry VirtsSTS-130
  509. Italy Roberto VittoriSoyuz 34/33, Soyuz TMA-6/5, STS-134
  510. Soviet Union Igor VolkSoyuz T-12
  511. Soviet Union Russia Alexander VolkovSoyuz T-14, Soyuz TM-7, Soyuz TM-13
  512. Russia Sergey VolkovSoyuz TMA-12, Soyuz TMA-02M
  513. Soviet Union Vladislav Volkov (1935–1971) — Soyuz 7, Soyuz 11. Died on Soyuz 11.
  514. Soviet Union Boris VolynovSoyuz 5, Soyuz 21
  515. United States James VossSTS-44, STS-53, STS-69, STS-101, STS-102/105
  516. United States Janice VossSymbol venus.svgSTS-57, STS-63, STS-83, STS-94, STS-99


  517. Japan Koichi WakataSTS-72, STS-92, STS-119/127
  518. United States Rex WalheimSTS-110, STS-122, STS-135
  519. United States Charles D. WalkerSTS-41-D, STS-51-D, STS-61-B
  520. United States David M. Walker (1944–2001) — STS-51-A, STS-30, STS-53, STS-69
  521. United States Joseph A. Walker (1921–1966) — X-15 flights 77, 90, and 91.
  522. United States Shannon WalkerSymbol venus.svgSoyuz TMA-19
  523. Germany Ulrich WalterSTS-55
  524. United States Carl WalzSTS-51, STS-65, STS-79, STS-108/111
  525. United States Taylor WangSTS-51-B
  526. United States Mary WeberSymbol venus.svgSTS-70, STS-101
  527. United States Paul WeitzSkylab 2, STS-6
  528. United States James WetherbeeSTS-32, STS-52, STS-63, STS-86, STS-102, STS-113
  529. United States Douglas WheelockSTS-120, Soyuz TMA-19
  530. United States Edward White (1930–1967) — Gemini 4. Died in the Apollo 1 fire.
  531. United States Peggy WhitsonSymbol venus.svgSTS-111/113, Soyuz TMA-11
  532. United States Terrence WilcuttSTS-68, STS-79, STS-89, STS-106
  533. United States Clifton Williams (1932–1967) — No flights. Died in a training accident.
  534. Canada Dafydd Williams, M.D. — STS-90, STS-118
  535. United States Donald WilliamsSTS-51-D, STS-34
  536. United States Jeffrey WilliamsSTS-101, Soyuz TMA-8, Soyuz TMA-16
  537. United States Sunita "Suni" WilliamsSymbol venus.svgSTS-116/117
  538. United States Barry WilmoreSTS-129
  539. United States Stephanie WilsonSymbol venus.svgSTS-121, STS-120, STS-131
  540. United States Peter WisoffSTS-57, STS-68, STS-81, STS-92
  541. United States David Wolf, M.D. — STS-58, STS-86/89, STS-112, STS-127
  542. United States Neil Woodward — No flights.
  543. United States Alfred WordenApollo 15


  544. Japan Naoko YamazakiSymbol venus.svgSTS-131
  545. China Yáng LìwěiShenzhou 5
  546. Soviet Union Boris Yegorov, M.D. (1937–1994) — Voskhod 1
  547. Soviet Union Aleksei YeliseyevSoyuz 5/4, Soyuz 8, Soyuz 10
  548. South Korea Yi So-yeonSymbol venus.svgSoyuz TMA-12/11
  549. United States John YoungGemini 3, Gemini 10, Apollo 10, Apollo 16, STS-1, STS-9
  550. Japan Kimiya Yui — No flights
  551. Russia Fyodor YurchikhinSTS-112, Soyuz TMA-10, Soyuz TMA-19


  552. Russia Sergei ZalyotinSoyuz TM-30, Soyuz TMA-1/TM-34
  553. United States George D. ZamkaSTS-120, STS-130
  554. China Zhai ZhigangShenzhou 7
  555. Soviet Union Vitaliy ZholobovSoyuz 21
  556. Soviet Union Vyacheslav ZudovSoyuz 23

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